Dell XPS 10 Windows Powered Tablet Review

Tablets are taking on the computer world big time, thanks to their easy-to-carry-around and weightless nature. The success of iPad 1, iPad 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab series of tablets raised the supremacy of tablets in the modern computing arena. Lots of tablets have been launched ever since.

It’s now Dell’s turn to announce its 10-inch Windows RT version of Windows 8 tablet. The tablet is less than 10mm think and is powered by a keyboard dock making it look like a laptop, an ultraportable one.

An Overview of the Tablet

Dell XPS 10 feels as rich and as light as a high-end and expensive Android tablet. The display is extremely crisp and bright. The display sometimes gives the feeling that it is far brighter than many other Android tablets in the market. However, the size of the screen is slightly small as the bezel parts occupy more space.

There is a start button to begin the Windows operating system, right at the bottom of the tablet. The button has the same function as that in the keyboard’s start button and this takes you back to the Start menu.

The hybrid device (one that feels like a laptop as well as a tablet) feels great both in its tablet form and its clamshell form. However the machine looks odd when it is closed. It rather gives the appearance of a netbook.


There is a camera on the rear side whose exact specifications are not clear. But one can safely assume that it is powered by an impressive megapixel reading for a tablet of its class. According to Dell Sam Burd, the Vice President of Dell Small Business and Consumer Product Group, the XPS 10 is an outstanding companion for its owner. Although Dell claims that the device is an excellent home in business edition, as a matter of true fact, Windows RT just does not work efficiently without the capability of installing desktop applications.

A comprehensive Windows 8 operating system or a Windows 8 Pro bundled with x86 will the choice of Operating System for many users. The XPS 8 is never short of power and is capable of handling many applications thanks to its Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 processor.

The tablet features an innovative unlocking mechanism. The slider just beneath the screen can be used to lift the tablet from the dock by simply sliding the screen. The device will boast twenty hours of battery backup when in docked mode. The price of the Dell XPS 10 Windows Powered Tablet is not expected to be cheap thanks to its hybrid form. The device may not do well if it is overpriced too. So it’s an interesting wait to know how well Dell will price the little device.

Our Verdict

The release date of Dell XPS is expected to be around the end of October along with the release of Window 8. The device is very impressive on the outlook and promises to be a great buying option for Christmas. Not all tablets have lived up to the expectation of its fans. Only a handful of them made it big. It would be interesting to see how this one announces itself and fights the battle out.

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