The new Apple’s iPhone 5- How does it look different from iPhone 4

New arrivals of the iPhone are usually treated with a much mystic fun fare. Most of the customers are thinking it to be differently shaped, better than Galaxy S II, of tear drop shape and of a different build other than plastic. The news is arriving from the engineers or workers not wanting to be named and working with Apple. Some of the common guesses are about its shape and structure and others about enhancing its camera features.


Reports about New Design

Some leaked pictures show the new iPhone 5 to be taller and thinner than both iPhone 4 and iPhone 3. The shape is convincing change in the future gadget as it is also good for preview of the pictures to be taken, social activities, and the usual task management from the gadget. Other reports are pouring around the SIM card slot on the right side along with volume buttons on its left side.


From Apple Website – The iSight Features

The new iPhone is also known as iSight camera is said to have features that makes it most appealing when coming to the camera and looks of the phone. It has 8-MP resolution. The lens is of f/2.4 aperture. The large aperture size leads to more quality picture capturing. This camera’s resolution is 60 percent more than earlier iPhone 4. It grasps more quality and image and thus can be used interchangeably with camera for most of the situations. The output is more highly pixilated which means that the output on computer, iPhone, HDTV or in prints will be of high quality.



Quality picture description of new iSight

The photographic techniques change in different modes as the users might be well versed in. A special night mode is used in most of the phones for the purpose of photography during the night or in darker areas. IPhone 5 introduces more light utilities which make photography the best experience. The optics provides more incoming light which provides the clearest view of the intended object. It captures sharper images using five precision elements. The picture taking is often risky and unguaranteed because of sharp sun rays. The infrared filer keeps the IR light at bay in the new iPhone 5. The view is more precise and thus one can focus more on photography. The colors are uniformly spread in a way that you do not have work hard on the right location. Much of your photographing skills are taken by the iPhone 5.


The pictures in the dark situations such as moonlight, road lamps, or on beaches come out nicely due to little color saturation. The action shots can be captured without any frustration and are less blurry. A backside illumination sensor is a new addition which adds to the scene brightness thus making dim-lit situation perfects to shot.


In Sync with DSLR, iSight 5

As with most of digital cameras, iSight has many new features such as face recognition. It is good for a group photo shot as it considers about 10 faces in a group. It recognizes your need to take a portrait picture and focus on faces.


The photo shot could be easily prepared using pinch-to-zoom gestures. Focus to a certain part can be done with a tap and ready for a photo taken on a simple volume-up button press. Now iPhone comes with photo-editing facilities such as crop, remove red-eye, rotate and enhance. With enhanced HDR on iPhone, you can have three shots been built from a single shot with different light exposure levels. Thus you can decide the best at the end. Stream your photos directly from iPhone 5 to different devices Mac, PC, iPad, or on Facebook and Twitter.


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