The iPad 3 Review – What’s new and some must have apps for your iPad3

The Apple iPad 3 was released last month (March 2012) and as always the world is eager to hear of the new innovations packed into our favourite fruit branded technology. Today we are going to try to make a review of iPad3.

So let’s get started!

The Outside

In terms of appearance, the iPad 3 looks almost identical to the iPad 2, in fact, if both are turned off and placed on a desk it would be hard to tell the difference! There however, is a difference in hand, the iPad 3 is a good 60g heavier than its predecessor and is marginally thicker too.

Like the iPhone and the tablets before it, Apple have stuck tot eh same 3 button uniform: Home button, Volume Rocker, Power/Lock, Mute/Orientation. It again features the scratch proof glass and aluminium case combo.

iPad 3

The Inner

The biggest selling point for the iPad 3 is the retina display; it’s said to be sharper than most 40” HD TVs! The 9.72 screen is 1536px x 2048px making for 264PPI. This makes everything on-screen beautifully crisp and enhances photo viewing and movie watching.

The new iPad features a A5X processor and quad-core graphics for intense gaming capabilities. The new rear camera is 5MP (still 3 less than the iPhone 4S!) and a VGA sensor on the front for more photos and connecting with friends. The rear camera also records full HD video. The battery life is an impressive 10 hrs from full charge.

What is new?

If you don’t already have an iPad it’s well worth buying the iPad 3 over the iPad 2 as they are the same price! But if you do already have an iPad you might want to wait for the next upgrade.Yes the screen is amazing and the new graphics enhancements make for game play and video standards that enshroud any former tablet, but why not wait for Apple to do all this but in a device that is the same weight and width as its former?

Must Have Apps for the iPad 3!

Skype – Contact App

  • Free
  • Dual Screen
  • Video, audio, or text
  • Great for use on the new iPad 3 as it’s new retina display screen makes it like your friend is in the room!
  • Free
  • Designed for both your iPhone and iPad.
  • $1.99
  • User friendly
  • Perfect for use on your Ipad 3 and all those HD movies you’re going to shoot! – Comparison App

  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Instant quotes
  • Sleek app design looks great on the Ipad 3!

Starfall 2 HD – Game

  • Only £3.30
  • Engaging gameplay
  • Beautiful graphic, making use of that retina display and quad-core graphics!

Buy Now!

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