Best 7 Document Scanning Apps for Android

Few years ago, for scanning some documents, you need to find a scanner. The scanner is a peripheral device for the PC, and as it not needed frequently, most people do not prefer to buy it. Instead, they get their documents scanned at Internet cafes which maintained dedicated scanners. Today, say good bye to these hassles as the Android smartphones and tablets have some dedicated scanning apps in the Google Play Store. With the smartphones coming with quad-core processors and very powerful cameras, creating scanning apps is now a cake walk for the developers. Here, we give you a list of some very useful such apps.

1. CamScanner:

CamScanner is the best among the document scanners for Android. By merely taking a photograph of your document and selecting the cropping tool, the edges of the paper are auto-detected and aligned correctly by the app. It also has auto-adjustment features to compensate for bad focusing and low-light conditions. The app is also directly integrated with Dropbox and Google Docs. You can also convert the scanned picture in JPEG format into PDF format. It costs

2.Document Scanner:

Document Scanner scans the documents into the PDF format directly. The user-interface is not as friendly as that of CamScanner and the cropping tools are not polished as well. Apart from the integration with Google Docs, and Dropbox, it also supports Evernote. It comes in a trial version for seven days.
3. Droid Scan Pro PDF:

The Droid Scan Pro more or less similar to the above two apps, but there is a minute difference. Once you select the option to take a snap, you will be sent out of the app to the phone’s camera while the snap is taken. After that, you will automatically enter the app where you left it. It has better colour and contrast control options.
4. Scan To PDF:

Scan To PDF beats all the other apps in terms of user-friendliness of the Interface. You will have to press fewer buttons to take a snap as an inbuilt setting starts the camera as soon as you open the app. The image processing capability is excellent even for the snaps taken in low light. The free version can convert an image to PDF, but for slightly more convenient features, you can buy the paid version.

5. PDF Scanner:

If a simple scanning app without any additional cropping features is what you are looking for, PDF Scanner would be the ideal choice. Even the camera has no buttons for image adjustment. By selecting to scan, the simple camera interface with no buttons takes the snap by also using your phone’s flash. It surely saves you a lot of time.
6. Mobile Doc Scanner (MD Scan):
MD Scan is another great tool that has all the above said features that a scanner ought to have. One extra benefit it offers you is the Batch Shooting Mode in which it shoots very fast so that you can save all the images for processing into PDFs later. Its integration with Dropbox, Facebook and Google Docs is very smooth.
7. Handy Scanner:

Though relative new compared to the above apps, this document scanner is getting good reviews on the Play Store. Although it is not as powerful as CamScanner or MD Scanner, it does the job pretty neatly, and most importantly, it is free to download and use it.
Thanks to Android smartphones that made our lives easier. I remember once when urgently scanned more than 50 documents in a single day on my scanner and tried to send them to my boss. I suddenly found out that the Internet was down and I called the Sky contact number furiously. There are no such hassles today.

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