5 Best Ways to Turn Your iPad into Your Shopping Partner

Entering the mall, a store, a boutique or a product hub is like stepping into the house of temptation. And if you do not have the slightest idea of what you want, you may end up having a financial meltdown.

So to prepare you, here are five best ways to turn your iPad into a reliable and unbiased shopping partner.

Home Shopping through Zillow

The Zillow iPad app allows a reliable search of real estate with information on their prices, specifications, as well as basic payment terms and conditions. Zillow can provide you a gallery of high-resolution photos for you to have an idea on what your potential home would look like that is close to real-life.

This can save you from wasted time and effort of going to homes which do not suit your taste or fit your budget. By means of Push Notifications, you can also receive alerts in case of modifications on value or appearance of your favored home.

Furniture Shopping through SnapShop

If you’re done buying a home, it’s time to shop for your home! SnapShop can help you choose the best furniture that matches the theme of your home. All you have to do is take a snapshot of your room and pick one piece of furniture among various kinds included in the gallery.

You can drag your chosen furniture in the room snapshot to help you visualize it. A quick tap on the furniture will pull up its price tag.

Clothes Shopping with ShopStyle

Don’t let your weak legs and feet stop you from bringing out your inner fashionista! With ShopStyle, you can take a look in all your favorite boutiques and stores in the comfort of your home or while you are on break from work.

ShopStyle gives you up-to-date items, sale prices, and styles of various clothes for all ages. It even includes home interior decors. This app is partnered with over 300 retail stores all over the world. You can also download it in the iTunes Store for free.

Grocery Shopping with your Grocery Pal

If you need some help to complete and accomplish your grocery needs efficiently, here is your Grocery Pal.

The app’s user-friendly interface will allow you to have a complete view of all sale products in supermarkets and grocery stores every week. If you are an avid coupon shopper, this amazing app can guide you to the best days of couponing.

Car Shopping with Kelley Blue Book

Of course, it is only expected that car dealers will put their best foot forward, which may not be the best for you all the time.

So to prepare yourself, you can use the Kelley Blue Book (Kbb.com) iPhone app to have an idea on real-time car prices and ratings. You can also use this to check nearby dealers and their locations.

Do you want to share your experience with other shopping partner apps? Tell us through a comment below.

Author Bio:

Rod Tolentino is a musician and a marketing consultant for Repair Labs and Fix-iPhones, the leading source of iPhone and iPad accessories and repair tips.

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