Top 10 Games for Your Android Device

With its slick interface and user-friendly features, Android devices have become lean mean gaming machines. From tablets to smartphones, high school kids everywhere are playing Candy Crush under their desks, and busy moms are viciously battling it out in Words With Friends during soccer practice.


It’s time to scratch the itch, and do some serious procrastinating. Here are the top ten games for Android right now. Ready, set, download!

#1 – Criminal Case

For crime buffs, this game has quickly taken to the tops of the charts as a highly interactive mystery addict’s dream. The game of course has online play, so you can connect with friends to solve mysteries, interview witnesses, and follow clues. The game is mostly free, but has some paid features you can access if you want to dive in deeper.

#2 – Clash of Clans

With their hilarious commercials and interactive gameplay, this one has rounded up a devoted following, quickly climbing to the top as one of the most downloaded games for Android. In this tale of warriors and wizards, users build a village into a fortress, and fight with charismatic characters in the struggle for victory.


Clash of clans has won over thousands of users with its litany of mustached warriors and hog riding rebels, in a game that fascinates both young and old alike.

#3 – Candy Crush Soda Saga

This latest installment of the dangerously addictive Candy Crush series has users downloading like crazy, eager to dive into the colorful game of matching combinations. With 140 levels, new game modes, and new candies to add even more sticky sweetness to its appeal, Candy Crush Soda Saga is bound to become your next gaming fix.

#4 – Crossy Road

In this adorable cubic game, users get to play on the age old question, Why did the chicken cross the road? With gameplay reminiscent of Frogger, users dodge obstacles as they attempt to get a chicken safely across roads, rivers, grass, and train tracks, all in one piece. The game has 11 secret characters you can unlock, and coin currency you can use to ‘buy’ additional mascots.

With over 2 million downloads and no end in sight to its popularity, Crossy Road’s viral outbreak into the domain of top Android games is far from over.

#5 – 8 Ball Pool

Bar flies and pool sharks rejoice – have a cold one and check out this wildly popular Android game that takes competitive pool to the online world. Challenge your friends via Facebook in one on one matches, or face up to eight opponents in an all our tourney as you compete for trophies and coins.

With challenging levels to advance to, and special cues to buy with the coins you earn, this additive game has quickly become the world’s number one pool app, with a download base of almost 3.5 million strong.

#6 – Subway Surfers

In this fast-paced arcade style game, users race across the tops of subway cars as they flee the curmudgeon of justice and his dog. As you dodge oncoming trains and collect points, a whirlwind of colorful graphics delivers with Android’s smooth performance. Paint-powered jetpacks, hover boards, and ultra-sensitive swipe based acrobatics captivate and enthrall in this action packed game that’s soaring to the tops of the most downloaded game lists.

#7 – Cooking Fever

Though this game is still building up steam, its rapid fire restaurant antics are a test of your time management skills, and leave you wanting to go back for another shot every time. This is far from your simple burger joint routine though – the game features over 400 dishes, and 150 ingredients to keep you on your toes.

With over 300 levels to keep you on edge, and even upgrades you can make to your appliances and restaurant interior, this game has officially taken the restaurant madness gameplay to the next level.

#8 – Geometry Dash

Maybe it’s just me, but this game seems to have a very Super Nintendo-ish feel to it. The pixelated geometric graphics and obstacle course gameplay resemble that of an early Mario, but with cute little geometric somethings instead of mustached plumbers.

If the controls are a little tricky to get used to at first, start out with Geometry Dash’s practice mode to get the feel for things. Then it’s on to some adventurous antics, with cool effects like gravity reversal to keep you entertained for hours.

#9 – Trivia Crack

Calling all brainiacs – this is your chance to challenge your friends in a virtual battle of the wits. Trivia Crack is a lot like Trivial Pursuit, but without the cards in the dusty box to mess about with. This virtual trivia game pits users against each other in categories like Science, Art, Sports, and History to test your knowledge and fire up those brain cells.

It may seem a lot like homework, but this game is ridiculously addictive, and with over 4 million downloads, I’d say a few other people are inclined to agree.

#10 – Boom Beach

This delightfully chaotic battle strategy game takes online gaming to the next level, with an intense interactive setup that allows you to engage in battles with millions of other players all over the world. Form alliances, wage wars, and win battles as you attack enemy bases to free enslaved islanders.

This game isn’t just for battling it out though – there’s a massive virtual island to explore, with gems to collect, and resources to harness. In this game, adventure meets strategy with a great big picture feel to it. For a mobile game, Boom Beach is brimming with possibilities for endless gameplay, and a saga that you’ll never want to end.

One final note, downloading games and using public or unsecured Wi-Fi can leave you open to hackers and other cybercrimes. Therefore, it’s best to have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) installed on your device first. This will encrypt the connection, protecting you from having your information stolen and also from viruses and malware.

Forget cutting the grass, let the dishes pile up, and eat some other time – get comfy and sink into one of these guilty pleasures for some of the best mobile gaming there is.

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