The White Magic Sensation: Sony Xperia P Review

In the last February, Sony announced that they were going to launch their new product, Sony Xperia P, a stunning , super slim smart phone that has got a new thing which they call White Magic Technology! The response was more than that was expected because this would be the only product available in the market which will have this white magic technology, it was expected that people would surely try to get their hands on this new product of Sony, and the response proved it as well. The countdown ended in the last May as the product was finally released to create a new sensation in the market.

I know that you are more interested to know about the white magic technology, but let us discuss about the design and the other features first , and then we will focus on this white magic thing!


You might see a lot of resemblance of this product with Xperia S , only difference is in the size of the product, it’s bigger and has an aluminium chassis, the feel is awesome, but you must stay cautious about the glossy screen as it can catch finger print very easily. It has got a four inch screen, along with a VGA camera in the front. Even though the screen is big but it doesn’t feel so as the phone is longer however you can see a illuminated transparent strip at the bottom which actually works as capacitive buttons, unlike the Xperia S where the buttons are above it. Buttons are good and you feel it when you touch them, but if you have a big hand then you might find them a bit small, also the power button is very close to the volume rocker therefore that can give you a feeling of little discomfortness as you might find yourself fumbling with the buttons all the time.


The main host of the whole show is a dual core 1 GHz ST- Ericsson Nova Thor processor , which is not one of the fastest processors available but pretty much works well for this device. The battery life is somewhat average, the device consumes more power especially when used in the outdoor , fortunately it has got two options , one for max brightness and another one for power saving. But what really bothers me is that this device still runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread which is not to mention a pretty old platform which was launched in 2010, although Sony has provided some of the features of ice cream sandwich in it’s custom interface feature, but that doesn’t make it any better. Also the battery drains heavier than normal when it’s in idle mode, and that certainly doesn’t match with our experience with other ICS phones that show outstanding battery efficiency in off screen mode.

Connectivity and camera

On the left side there are ports for microUSB, microHDMI, microSIM and on the right , the device houses a single speaker grill, a camera shutter, and volume rocker. I don’t feel good about the memory option as there is literally no other options left for the user except only the internal 16 GB(13 GB usable), also the camera is only 8 MP along with a flash, personally this is not up to my expectation.

White Magic

Let’s talk about the white magic now which actually has created the real craze among the people. That’s because most of the people face this problem when they go outdoors. Sony has tried eliminating this problem by introducing a fourth sub pixel, by adding white along with the red, green and blue. Combining this with an advanced algorithm gives us a display that is bright as twice of the others and power efficient too. This enables you to see the phone screen without a hustle even in bright sunlight.

This device will definitely return you the value of your money so I will just suggest you to go to a shop and buy yourself a one, and at the same time I would expect Sony to patent their latest invention “White magic Technology” just to make sure that apple and it’s lawyers won’t sue them.

Buy Sony Xperia

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